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It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  I walked outside.   Nature offers me a sense of the sacred – a church of sorts.  I walked alone.   Alone?  Is that possible?   I wondered about that idea as I walked that morning and was grateful for the solitude.   I walked to the labyrinth here at The Mandala Center.   The labyrinth is a pathway created on the earth.  Our labyrinth is made with stones that form the pathways.  A labyrinth is usually roughly circular in shape and it offers one path to the “center”.  At first glance it can look like a maze and the path is winding but it is not made to “trick” or mislead us.  There is only one way in and one way out but I can assure you that it still challenges the  heart, mind and soul every time you walk it. No journey is ever the same. Buy Clomid from mexico, We don’t really know why our ancestors created labyrinths – some trace back 3500 years ago.   Today the labyrinth is considered a spiritual tool because it helps us  to “center” ourselves.  Repetition of an act allows the mind to rest and soulfulness to emerge.  Answers tend to surface and confusion dissolves.  Walking the labyrinth is a metaphor for one’s spiritual journey.  The soul is given a space to open and express itself.  Feelings of wholeness and unity are evoked.  Our labyrinth is fashioned after the Chartes Cathedral labyrinth in France.  Many say it was a way to make pilgrimage for those who could not travel great distances physically.

A pilgrimage, according to The American Heritage Dictionary, order Clomid from mexican pharmacy, is “a journey to a sacred place or shrine.  Any long journey or search, Clomid without prescription, especially one of  exalted purpose or moral significance.”  What could be more sacred than journeying to your own “center”?  ...to your own inner flame that can illuminate your path all the more?  That Sunday, the labyrinth seemed like a perfect symbol of such a journey right here in the remote, quiet, online buy Clomid without a prescription, rural desert plains of New Mexico. Clomid canada, mexico, india, As I made my way through the switchbacks I felt my thoughts melt into awareness.   The grasshoppers flashed their undercoats of orange in an attempt to get out of my way.  Hawks flew overhead.   The sun was warm on my skin and the cattle from our local ranch watched from a distance.   I sat down when I reached the center.     I closed my eyes and a quiet stillness surrounded me.   A paradoxical feeling of being alone and being connected to something  “more” moved my heart.   It was then that I heard a small click.  I opened my eyes to see Eileen, a guest at the Center, taking  a picture of me from behind a bush.   She witnessed me, no prescription Clomid online.

[caption id="attachment_161" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Lone Pilgrim - Eileen"]Lone Pilgrim - Eileen[/caption]

I began to walk out of the labyrinth as she walked in.  We never spoke but kept our silence and nodded in recognition of each other in our first passing.   When I finished my walk I sat on a bench nearby and wrote in my journal while Eileen made her own pilgrimage.   It was then that  I took this photograph.   I witnessed  her.   It was one of those significant moments when I realized how vast the universe is around us.  The endless sky and the far off horizon seemed to engulf Eileen….a  lone pilgrim on a journey.  But are we ever really alone, Order Clomid.

Hugh Prather, Clomid over the counter, author, minister and counselor said, “To me being alone means togetherness – the re-coming together of me and nature, Clomid use, of me and being, Generic Clomid, the re-uniting of me with all.  For me solitude especially means putting the parts of me back together – the unifying of myself, whereby I see once more that the little things are little and the big things are big.”

As I watched Eileen I thought about how small and insignificant we can seem.    Over spans of time,  throughout creation, Clomid from mexico, and within the enormity of the cosmos, Purchase Clomid, do our little lives really matter?   But I remembered walking in the labyrinth moments before.   It seemed as if my every step contained the whole universe.  It seemed like each step mattered.  It felt as if I had a reason for being here in this moment.

Tish Hewitt, the woman who designed and built the Casa Mandala Center asked herself two questions.   Who am I, Clomid long term. and Why am I here?   We seem to regularly seek the answers to questions such as these.   We seem to WANT our lives to matter.  And they do matter.  Like every drop of water contained within the sea, Clomid samples, so our lives each contribute to the whole.

I sat there amazed at Eileen, amazed at each of us brave enough and willing to make the pilgrimages we do in our lives – while overcoming fear, get Clomid, grief, Buy Clomid online cod, pain, suffering, obstacles and setbacks.   On this day Eileen and I had witnessed each other on our journeys and I believe it all matters.  So I sat there feeling blessed as I witnessed someone else reach her “center” for a few moments that Sunday morning – knowing that her willingness to make the journey somehow helped me as well – somehow helped us all.   I turned my attention back to my journal and when I looked up again I smiled.   There in the labyrinth walked another person.  Randi, another guest,  joined the silence as she approached the entrance of the labyrinth.  As Eileen was coming out, Randi began her own journey in.   I know that we may not be at the same place at the same time on the path and we may seem to walk alone for a stretch of time, but truly we are all pilgrims traveling together, for one another, and we are never alone.
In peace,   Lori Coon    Executive Director.

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