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The high desert gives birth to a number of colorful wildflowers and this summer with all the extra rain, the hills are greener than usual.  The sunflowers are exceptionally brilliant.  They speckle the landscape and line our driveways.   Yellow flowers have always been my favorite and there is a simple joy that fills me when I see a whole field of yellow flowers dancing in the breeze – dandelions, daffodils, trefoils, asters, groundsels, coltsfoot, black-eyed susans, buttercups, tansy, golden rod or sunflowers – they all delight.

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I remember the sunflowers my grandmother planted along the garden on her farm.   They stood so tall and regal.  It seemed as if they knew something that I did not.  Maybe their wisdom comes with their ability simply and fully to live in the moment - in the place they are planted - for the season they are given, Prednisolone images. Online buying Prednisolone hcl, Their bright faces constantly look “toward the light” with devout attention.  Could we master such a feat.

It is amazing how the seasons bring forth life – the lush blankets pulsing with eternity – and yet – each flower, order Prednisolone online overnight delivery no prescription, Prednisolone maximum dosage, each blade of grass, each ladybug, Prednisolone from mexico, Prednisolone natural, each dragonfly, each person, purchase Prednisolone, Prednisolone wiki, only has its own season in which to flourish.  Today, let us each take a moment to be grateful for the season we have been given and for the things – great and small that bless our lives, about Prednisolone. Prednisolone australia, uk, us, usa, [caption id="attachment_579" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Plains Sunflowers"][/caption]

To the sunflowers – a poem by Mary Oliver

The Sunflowers

Come with me

into the field of sunflowers.

Their faces are burnished disks,

their dry spines

creak like ship masts, comprar en línea Prednisolone, comprar Prednisolone baratos, Prednisolone photos,

their green leaves,

so heavy and many, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Herbal Prednisolone,

fill all day with the sticky

sugars of the sun.

Come with me

to visit the sunflowers,

they are shy

but want to be friends;

they have wonderful stories

of when they were young -

the important weather, Prednisolone trusted pharmacy reviews,

the wandering crows.

Don't be afraid

to ask them questions!

Their bright faces,

which follow the sun,

will listen, and all

those rows of seeds -

each one a new life. -

hope for a deeper acquaintance;

each of them, though it stands

in a crowd of many,

like a separate universe,

is lonely, the long work

of turning their lives

into a celebration

is not easy.  Come

and let us talk with those modest faces,

the simple garments of leaves,

the coarse roots in the earth

so uprightly burning.

(Lori Coon    Executive Director)


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