The Mandala Center

History and Nature Abound!

Venture out for a hike or adventure... these special places await you.

Capulin Volcano National Monument about 12 miles from The Mandala Center offers spectacular views and a mile hike around the rim (or down into the center of the volcano itself!)
Capulin Monument

Sierra Grande, an extinct shield volcano, upon which The Mandala Center was built, offers lots of room for exploring and hiking.

The Town of Folsom, about 15 minutes away, has historic landmarks, the Folsom Museum and an amazing history.

Clayton Lake State Park, an hour and 15 minutes away, offers excellent trout, catfish and bass fishing. Walk a half-mile to the lake's spillway and see the internationally significant dinosaur trackway, containing more than 500 footprints dating back more than 100 million years.
Clayton Lake

The Star-filled nights are AMAZING! With virtually no light pollution and nothing blocking your view from horizon to horizon, the sky seems to go on forever. Just standing outside at night offers a whole universe to explore. The Center has two telescopes for your pleasure.

Sugarite Canyon State Park, formed in 1985, is 6 miles from Raton, NM near the Colorado Border. This pristine land is heavily wooded and offers trails and climbing areas, small lakes, creeks, Ponderosa Pines and lots of wildlife. Its name, taken from a Comanche word, Chicorica, means “land of many birds.” The Coal Camp Interpretive trail can also be found here.
Sugarite Canyon

Raton, New Mexico, in its community guide claims to offer “Small Town Charm surrounded by Outdoor Adventure”. The town is about 35-40 minutes from The Mandala Center and it offers a Historic Downtown Walking Tour. It is the home of New Mexico’s first public school in 1884, the Santa Fe Railroad Depot, the Shuler Theater of 1915, and the Raton Museum. The Santa Fe Trail is nearby and the scenic views of the Raton Mountain pass into Colorado invoke awe.
Raton, New Mexico

The historic Shuler Theater in downtown Raton, New Mexico, is a state landmark and remains the center for performing arts in northeastern New Mexico.
Shuler Theater

Raton Arts & Humanities Council...their mission is to encourage and strengthen the cultural life of the area, providing residents – whether trained or untrained in the arts – with opportunities for artistic participation, self-expression, education and enjoyment. Visit their Old Pass Gallery at 145 South First Street in Raton.

Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge is located approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes from The Mandala Center off route 25 south of Raton. It was established in 1965 as a feeding and resting area for migratory birds. GREAT FOR BIRD WATCHING. Over 350 acres of the Refuge are planted with wheat, corn, barley, and alfalfa to provide food for resident and migratory wildlife. Visitors may see bald and golden eagles, falcons, hawks, sandhill cranes, ducks, geese, white pelicans, burrowing owls, great horned owls, and more.
Maxwell Refuge

Cimarron Canyon State Park is a little bit of a drive towards Eagle’s Nest about 2 hours from The Mandala Center but it is part of the 33,000 acre Colin Neblett Wildlife area – the largest wildlife area in the state of New Mexico.
Cimarron Canyon

Area Attractions
Path on Capulin Volcano
Path on Capulin Volcano
Sierra Grande
Sierra Grande
Folsom Hotel
Folsom Hotel
Lake Maloya
Lake Maloya